Update – 3/13

In the event you hear a report that a student at GSA Fyler has been sent home with coronavirus, we would like to share the following information.
Per the school nurse:

1. The GSA student has not had any direct contact with a person diagnosed with coronavirus, or any person with symptoms of coronavirus.
2. The GSA student themself has no symptoms of coronavirus.
3. There are no known students at GSA with coronavirus.

Please be assured that we are following the latest information from the Missouri Department of Public Health, the Centers for Disease Control, and World Health Organization to monitor, prepare for, and respond to any reports of coronavirus in our community. Rumors are traveling quickly. If there is an exposure, you will be contacted by the school via e-mail and phone using our school reach system. We will work with the Health Department to make decisions for closure or to remain open when the time comes.