STEM Day 2015

STEM Day at the Capitol

The Missouri Coalition for Math and Science sponsored STEM Day at the Capitol on March 4.  Ms. McCann, Mr. Lucas and staff from South and Fyler joined students from each campus on a trip to Jefferson City.  Students shared their Science projects and STEM demos with elected officials and Capitol building visitors.

Senator Joseph Keaveny brought the students to the Senate floor where he explained how the senate operates.  Students had the chance to ask questions and share their views.

Our campuses are served by 3 different representatives.  We were able to meet with each of them, Mike Colona, Michele Kratky and Gina Mitten.  Representative Mitten’s aide brought us onto the House floor where she walked us through a House session.

Thanks to Senator Keaveny’s office, we were able to go to the top of the Capitol dome, the Whispering Hall.

A special thank you to Mr. Ali Durhan for arranging visits with many elected officials!