Spring Break Turkey Trip 2015

Fourth grader Jessica Briers and her mom went to Turkey over Spring Break. They had a wonderfully, amazing time!

Here’s what Mrs. Briers had to say about the trip: “I don’t even know where to begin… The trip was AMAZING!! I’m having a hard time deciding what my favorite thing was: wishing wall at Mary’s house; the ferry ride; seaside tea looking at Maiden’s Tower; the cable car ride then tea at the hilltop and the walk down the cobblestone path next to the cemetery; Ephesus; the fairy chimneys in Cappadocia; sitting on the rocks in Izmir looking at the Aegean Sea; the dinner with the host family the night before we left…it goes on and on and on. Salih, the PE teacher from GSA South, was fantastic!!! He watched over us and kept us on track. He helped with any special requests (like no fish :-)) and was very patient when we stopped to take pictures. (And we took a LOT of pictures. But so did he.) We truly couldn’t have asked for a better guide/organizer/leader. Our group was great. We had a lot of laughs together.”