GSA Students and Administrators Visit the Police Station

On Friday, May 17th, 2013, a group of GSA students, administrators and a board member visited the local police station.  The selected students were all recipients of a goal medal in the Concept Science Fair.  The group met with Captain Swiderski and received a tour of the facility.  The goal was to help build a […]

Great Success at MathCon Competition 2013

April 20th, a select group of GSA students in grade 5th- 9th, accompanied by Mrs. Thurau, Mr. Ozkaya, Ms. Halpin and Mr. Lucas, competed in Concept Schools MathCon Competition in Chicago.  The students who were selected to compete had previously placed in the top 6 from their grade level in the MathCon Online Competition.  Michael […]

Police Station Visit

  On Tuesday, May 28th, 2013, a group of GSA students, teachers, a parent and an administrator visited the local police station. The group met with Police Captain and received a tour of the facility.  The goal was to help build a positive relationship with important community members and to make them aware of GSA’s […]

GSA Field Day

GSA celebrated field day on Thursday May 23. Every student was assigned a field day group and a field day teacher. Each group met several times before field day with their teams, doing ‘get-to-know-you’ activities, creating team t-shirts, and playing several games. Each individual team was put into two groups, the green team and the […]

GSA Rocks at MAP

2013 MAP SCORES     Source: Missouri Department of Education- MAP Percent Proficient or Advanced(08/20/2013)