Map Awards Assembly 2014

3rd-5th grade students participated in the MAP Awards Assembly on September 30. 3rd graders were able to see that hard work pays off and is often rewarded. They were encouraged to do their best on the test this year. 4th-6th graders who scored proficient or advanced in Math or Communication Arts on the MAP test received a medal. Students who scored proficient or advanced in both areas earned a trip to Six Flags and a chance at winning a prize.
Alderman Joe Vaccaro and Lindenwood University staff members, Lauren Dickerson and Amanda Aldridge pulled the winning names.

  • Kai M., Kennedy P. and Uriah L. each won a Razor Scooter.
  • Tamara J., Brandon R. and Greg R. each won a brand new bike.
  • Adam J., Maddy B. and Sidney E. each won an i-Pod Touch.
  • Maire R., Gracie P. and Kristina P. each won a Kindle Fire.

Way to go!