Working Together for Students

To our Nation’s Parents and Students: I write first, as your new Secretary of Education, to acknowledge the extraordinarily challenging year you’ve endured. Between the health crisis, economic hardship, staunch national division, and the struggle to make progress in learning while apart from teachers and peers, the impact of the pandemic is still very real […]

Kids Vision for Life is coming to GSA Smiley!

Kids Vision for Life ( is coming to GSA Smiley! Students who are virtual may be screened by setting an appointment with Nurse Anne. Screening Day 1: Tuesday, 3/16 beginning at 9:30am Screening Day 2: Friday, 3/19 beginning at 9:30am The screening procedures have been adapted for extra safety. All students will remain in their […]

How To Reach Us

July 23, 2020 Good afternoon! We realize that you may want/need to reach us during this uncertain time.  We will also need to reach you as well and want to share how we can make this happen. Here’s what you can expect from GSA Smiley: Weekly communication sent through SIS and put on the website, […]

TITLE-School Empowerment Unit

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, District 2! Officer Rutling and Officer Caruthers will be spending time at GSA both during school and after school hours. Their goal is to build positive relationships with our parents/students/staff. Too often, our community looks at the police in a […]