Writing Contest

A few years ago Concept introduced an essay writing contest for parents/guardians.  About two months ago, Concept reached out to a number of our school families via SurveyMonkey to gauge their interest and to determine what parents would even want to write about.  We were both surprised and inspired by their responses- many respondents stated they wanted to write to model the importance of writing for students, and they wanted an avenue to be able to express themselves.
So without further ado, Concept Schools is excited to offer the 2017 Parent Writing Contest!
Parents were asked what they wanted to write about, and they overwhelmingly responded with the following 2 prompts:
  • Share your child’s academic, social, athletic, or emotional success stories at school.
  • Explain why you believe the public charter school movement is the right choice for your student and family.
Parents will choose one of the two prompts, and email their responses to parentwritingcontest@conceptschools.org by May 2.
The top essays from each region will receive recognition and awards up to $200.  The top overall essay will be awarded an additional $100.  Winners will be notified by Concept by May 19.