Distinguished Guests and Visits

Gateway Science Academy realizes that it takes a village to raise a child.  We encourage that village to be a part of our school day.  Students and staff look forward to having special guests visit the school.   Guests read to students, share a special talent or subject matter, learn about who we are and so much more!  If you would like to visit our school, contact Ms. Kathie McCann, Assistant Principal of School Culture.  314-932-7513 ext: 302

Senator Joseph Keaveny Visits

Senator Joseph Keaveny visited GSA on October 24, 2014. He spoke with the 4th
graders about life as a senator. The students had many questions for the senator.
They were curious about the bills that he has presented that have become law.
Senator Keaveny was given a tour of GSA by two 5th grade ambassadors and
spent time talking with administration. Senator Keaveny invited the 4th graders to
visit him in Jefferson City, Missouri.


Dean Pitchford, Author-Playwright-Song Writer-Broadway Star,Visits GSA Smiley

Thanks to the St. Louis Public Library, GSA Smiley students met Dean Pitchford.
Dean has won an Oscar and a Golden Globe Award, as well as being nominated
for three additional Oscars, two more Golden Globes, seven Grammy Awards and
two Tony Awards. His books, stage shows and movies have earned an
international following, and his songs have sold over 70 million records.
Students had the opportunity to hear him read from his latest book Captain
Nobody. They were awed as he told about his career and shared a favorite chapter.
Many students brought their copy of the book to have signed. This was a once in a
lifetime experience.



Dr. Margie Vandeven was appointed Missouri’s sixth Commissioner of Education
by the State Board of Education in December 2014. She assumed her new role Jan. 1, 2015.
Dr. Vandeven spent time with students and staff at GSA Smiley. She was given a
tour of the school, visited classrooms, met with administration and Lindenwood representatives.
Dr. Vandeven assisted with the planning and implementation of the Department’s
Top 10 by 20 initiative, which calls for Missouri to be one of the top 10 states for education by 2020.
We are all looking forward to GSA receiving this rank along with other Missouri schools.
We look forward to Dr. Vandeven’s return visit.


President and CEO of Concept Schools Visits

Mr. Duman visited GSA on October 22, 2015.
Fifth grade student ambassadors, Jessica and Milla, gave Mr. Duman and his
associates a tour of the school.  They shared Gator facts with the group and answered many questions.
Mr. Duman greeted students from the Turkish club in Turkish. The students were
excited to answer a few simple questions using what they’ve learned from Mr. Fuat Uysal.
Mr. Duman and our other guests were very impressed with GSA students and the learning that was taking place.
We look forward to Mr. Duman’s next visit.

Doug Thaman
Executive Director,
Missouri Charter Public School Association

Mr. Thaman visited our 1st graders on November 20, 2015.  He read a Dr. Seuss
book called Hooper Humperdink…?  Not Him! to everyone and answered many
The 1st graders enjoyed the book and had this to say about their special guest:
“I really liked the story that he read to us!  It is a really funny book!”
“Mr. Thaman read names in alphabetical order when he read us the book.  I can
sing my A, B, C’s in order, too!”
“The story and Mr. Thaman were really funny!”
“Hooper Humperdink got invited to the party!  It’s mean not to invite someone so
the story ended good.”

Maxine Clark, Founder and CEO of Build a Bear Visits GSA

Maxine Clark wanted to see what GSA is all about so she scheduled a visit.
Ms. Clark toured the building with student ambassadors and spent time in the
classrooms. She was impressed with the quality of work the kids were doing.
Ms. Clark talked to the students about believing in your dream and working hard to
make it come true!


Clifford, the Big, Red Dog

Children’s book character, Clifford, spent the day at GSA during the book fair.
Clifford visited classrooms, helped with dismissal and encouraged families to visit the book fair.
Students, young and old, were excited to have Clifford on campus for the day.
A special thanks to our friends at Scholastic for making this visit possible!